Monday, 22 October 2012

Crown wrap tutorial variation

Actually this is perhaps my favourite hairstyle but the double Dutch braids takes a long time and I’m lazy!

Start with your hair in two Dutch braids. Dutch braids have that nice “bump” that is great for holding back braids.

Wrap one braid around your head. I wrap it in front of the braid bases, but depending on your scalp shape it may work better to wrap behind.
Now “nail” the tassel to the other braid using a hair stick.

Tuck the tassel under and wrap the second braid around the stick in an infinity shape. Pull the braid in under the infinity shape.

Keep wrapping the braid around in an infinity shape, each time pulling the tassel in under itself until you run out of length.
The first braid may feel like its close to slipping here, but it will be fixed soon.

Take the second hair stick and push it through the infinity-shape.

I like putting the sticks in like this for this updo:
(Slightly exaggerated for understanding)

It looks like this from the front: Nice, flat bun with decorative hair sticks and a braided headband. 


  1. Pretty! I'm gonna try this one tomorrow morning. The Dutch braids should help a lot with the braid staying put. One time I made a crown wrap with two English braids and one slid off so I had an eighties headband of hair. If my hair is too short or tapered I'll try to adjust a little, but I'd be very happy if I could do the infinity bun part as well! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. So lovely! I am going to try this and see if I have enough length to pull it off. My hair is about tailbone currently. Also, love your shower curtain!

  3. Really nice. :)
    No hairstyle for me, as my single english braid is not as thick as one of your two dutchs and I am only at tailbonelength.
    But nice.
    I will recommand this hairstyle to a friend who is about kneelength and has very thick hair too.

  4. Reporting back... My hair is thinner than yours and a bit shorter, but yay it worked and it's very comfortable! I even managed to use a megaflexi instead of sticks.

  5. Thank you all!! <3
    I’m glad it worked for you, Elise. It is very comfortable indeed :)

  6. Why can't I see any of the images? :(