Monday, 24 December 2012

Apparently still growing

I was really looking forward to see my length shots. I honestly had no idea just how long my hair is getting and in what state my ends are in.
Once you reach a certain length it becomes impossible to get a real look at your ends yourself. You turn into an eager dog hunting for your tail when you do that.

So I was pretty surprised to see that my ends are still fairly thick, if they haven’t even thickened up!
I really had assumed I would be approaching terminal length by now.

Once you approach terminal length, your ends will thin out a lot.
Before hair sheds to repeat the growth cycle, they enter a resting phase where they don’t grow. This means a true terminal length has extreme taper since not all hairs grow to the same maximum length anyways.

People who are at real, true terminal length usually have just a few hairs that are super long, so if your ends resemble a blunt cut just remotely, you are not near terminal.

Pretty surprising, but I guess I still have a bit of growth left in my scalp. Question is how much longer I will like it. 


  1. One of my great grandmothers had hair that pooled on the floor. Who knows what her terminal length was. Maybe you are a 'floor pooler'

  2. I'm sure you can reach floor length. Every long hair girl should do that at least once in life. Good luck on your journey, may 2013 be a year of robust growth and exceptional quality.

  3. Hello, I just spend hours reading your blog, and it's amazing to see from what you starting to go to such beautiful length.
    But a question that I didn't find the answer reading your blog. What is your dream length ? Or maybe it is better to say, what is your goal now ?

    Thanks you for sharing all this, I like it.
    Greetings from France

    PS : You are a very beautiful girl...

  4. Heck yeah, you must be pretty pleased! I know I'd be if I realised that my hair is past knee and not showing any sign of being near terminal length (since you've got little to no taper whatsoever).
    That's pretty cool, I'm excited to see you keep growing and growing and growing. No reason to stop while you're still enjoying yourself, right?
    And also, Happy new year! May 2013 bless you with awesomeness!