Monday, 31 December 2012

Today’s hair

There is a thread on UTT about Pinterest and I poked around in what my friends on UTT had pinned of awesome hair inspiration.
Quite a lot of people had pinned an awesome hairstyle where a woman have done three buns placed vertically above each other. It looked really cute!
I decided to try for two braided Nautilusses. (Nautili?!) 

It felt really weird to braid this way! My muscle memory was so not geared for these moves.
But the braids both felt nice and thick all the way down, not like when I do two braids (One in each side) and the left is noticeably thinner than the right because I part in the left side.
The weight distribution feels a bit off though, but I guess it’s natural when you try something so different.

Then wrapped the buns up. It felt like the bottom bun got squished a bit…
I had thought I could use my small Flexies (Size large) but they were way too small to close over the inner parts of the Nautilus.
It would look a lot cuter with Flexies or maybe some discrete Ron Quattro forks instead of hairsticks.

It’s not the first time I have wished I had an in-between size of Flexi. I have Larges and megaflexies, so I guess it’s time to buy some XL?
It’s a good thing I discovered a new Flexi-providerbecause I am not buying directly from the Flexi-people again.



  1. That is who I ordered my last Flexi's from, too. That flexi IS nice!

    Stacked nautilusses are interesting. I've thought about one on each side of my head, but wasn't sure what to hold them with. The only things I have pairs of are a few hair sticks that would be too big for buns that small.

  2. Your braids are so thick! The hairstyle looks beautiful on you.