Saturday, 5 January 2013

Floppy donkey ears

I left my hair in the vertical double braids for two days (Well, I was lazy!) and it allowed my short pieces to fall out everywhere!
I guess my usual “lower” styles don’t allow the shorter pieces to fall out of the ‘do?
Anyways, I was pretty surprised to see how much I have.
The majority come from the area in my front hairline from around where my hairline “bends” around my forehead and down to just under my eyes. The length goes from mouth length to chin length so the pieces are very specific on their origin and terminal length!
I think when gathered up it’s around the thickness of a pencil?  

I found this really, really old picture where I show the donkey ears forming at the area where my hairline “bends” and the short pieces are the most distinct.
I think this picture is at least 5 years old (Really not sure, unfortunately) but its kind of funny to see some things don’t change. 


  1. I've had pieces in a similar place do this and never grow, then all of a sudden, they've grown what appears to be five inches. Looks kinda cool until it keeps blowing in your face ;)

  2. I have the same thing! I was afraid it might be breakage. I sometimes pull them out when I put my hair up cuz they look cute.