Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Product surprise

Anyone try this line or conditioner?
I needed a wash badly in Denmark and only had a Lidl near me. The only conditioners they carried were Pantene and this brand, so I picked the latter.
I didn’t expect much from it since it was really cheap, especially for a 300 ml bottle, but I really liked it!
I will definitely buy it again. And extend a product recommendation to everyone.


  1. Hi! My Boyfriend uses this brand since years now and his butt-length-hair is stunning! I did use this once in a while, but the cones in it makes my hair dry and brittle, so nothing for me.

  2. I've used the green version and I was happy with it. I just don't go into the Lidl enough to buy more.

  3. Following your advice on this conditioner, I immediately spun me buy it! against by I will only try it tomorrow

  4. I used that while I was stuck in Turku. I think i used the shampoo from that line. It was okay, got rid of the glycerin build-up, but otherwise too harsh for everyday.

    Greets from Gothic Lolita

  5. I have used this exact same conditioner before, and I really like it as well. It makes the hair fairly soft and tangle-free. Love it, and it's affordable!