Thursday, 31 January 2013


Ugh. It makes me pretty depressed how a 2 cm trim only results in so few hairs cut!
I know that taper comes with the increased length but still…


  1. :( I know the feeling and I have a quarter of your length. My theory is, we just have to do what we feel works for our length/hair and how it makes you feel. I'm a long hair person who wants nice long hair, so if my ends look transparent, I want them trimmed. Sadly, going through perimenopause caused me to shed a lot through last summer and the toll on my ends was grim. But, frequent small trims are helping things even out. Hugs to you!!!

  2. Only a few with "magical genes" are going to maintain total volume to the ends at knee length. And from my observation, most of them have black or very dark pigmented hair.

    Rejoice in the awesomeness of your hair!

  3. Grow a lot your hair Igor you look beautiful with such a loooong hair! I´m a man from Argentina, kisses!