Friday, 22 February 2013


So I had the idea of wrapping my 5 braids around in a cool way: First make a Nautilus braid out of the middle one and securing it with a stick. Then wrapping the two bottom ones up and around and secure them with another stick. Finally wrapping the top two down and around them all.

In my head it looked like a cool braided beehive-ish thing.

In reality they sort of pushed each other outwards in a weird, shapeless blob.

Hairstyle fail.


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL.
    Your creativity knows no bounds.

  2. I think it looks kinda medieval. Like a princess :)

  3. That's not a fail, that's stunning!

  4. I am with Darkhorse! I think that looks awesome!

  5. I can’t believe you guys thinks it looks okay XD Guess I’m just disappointed over that it doesn’t look like it did in my head?