Sunday, 24 February 2013

Those short pieces at the neck

Seriously, you can’t win with those, can you?
My hairline is slightly asymmetrical, especially down the neck where my left side hairline goes a good 2 cm further down in the left side than in the right.
So I was always left with some pieces that either slacked or pulled. I cut them some years ago and have kept trimming them.

But now they are pretty long and I keep considering if I should try to grow them out.
But I ended up cutting them in the first place because they annoyed me so much.
I just can’t win with this one, can I?

There are three options here:

  1. Attempt to grow them out and see if they really are as annoying as I remember.
  2. Keep trimming them  
  3. Have my classmate take a look at them whenever I remember to bring my scissor for her. Maybe even wax or shave them to clean it up.
What do you guys think? 


  1. Well you certainly have wonderful volume already, so that really isn't a need.

    But I'd say keep growing them, in a year they are then part of the main hair group and not an issue?

    Either way, good luck with your path!

  2. Hair line meaning back of the neck or beside?
    I have an odd hairline at the back of my neck and it's in the shape of an M---and not an even M, so, like you, I have this weird hair growth that seems to take forever.

    If they are long, I'd see if you can hang on until they grow out. I mean, cutting or other methods--if it's part of your hair line, it will continue to grow regardless--maybe easiest to manage if you can get it long enough to blend with the rest of your hair. :)

  3. I'd try to grow them out, maybe they can grow long enough to tuck into the braid and you'll forget about them eventually =) I had the same issue with some strands on my forehead, eventually they grew out.

    P.S. the "Please prove you're not a robot" function is hillarious xD

  4. I vote to grow them out. They grow there naturally, so I say don't fight it. I like to think mine give my updos a soft look.

  5. Okay, I think the ”grow them out” won :)