Saturday, 2 March 2013

Why I don’t wear my hair down in public, not even in a braid

Because of sick freaks like this


(Also why even the politest and nicest compliment on my hair from a guy who “enjoys” hair and that I don’t know already from a forum tends to creep me out. You never know if he goes home to fantasise about something like this after his “polite and nice compliment” about my hair. Yeargh.) 


  1. To quote the late, great Donna Summer
    (RIP 2012)
    "If you got it, flaunt it"

  2. Yeah, but if they were on a school bus, that's a kid, and probably just goofing around. However, someone should FYI him in saying that this is no different than touching her breast. It's WRONG. That's not yours to touch. HANDS OFF! End of story.

    I love wearing my hair down but anywhere public, it stays over my shoulder. Or tied back.

  3. I had to deal several times with those creepers.

    Back when I had classic length hair a man followed me on my way home and eventually grabbed my ponytail when we were away from the main street.
    I was so scarred I hit him, screamed and ran home to call the police!

  4. Uuurgs. Not so nice... I like wearing my hair down but I always have a look at it where it is hanging. Of course you cannot prevent everything, but it is my freedom to let my hair down. I don't think it is my job to do everything to prevent something like that. These guys shoul be stopped. It is close to why many women wear headscarfs. So nobody can touch or even see their hair. I don't think oneself should hide, the offenders have to be stopped. No touching, just watching. Nevertheless it feels creepy to know, that there are people who want to touch so badly...