Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hair pet peeve

It irritates me like crazy when people assume my hair grows fast. And it doesn’t seem to matter if I explain it 10 times, 100 times or 1000 times in the same form or forum, sooner or later someone will come along with
“Like, OMG, your hair must grow really totally fast!”
I guess people are just stupid, lazy and prefer feeling some sort of “victimised” instead of taking responsibility for what they do?!
Too stupid to think for themselves.
Too lazy to look a post or comment further ahead.
And much prefer the “Bohoo, I can never get the same head of hair as this woman so I will just keep telling myself she has some sort of hyper-mega-hairgrowth and keep abusing my own hair with bleach and flat irons instead of making the most of the head of hair I could have!” instead of listening to simple advice that actually works.
And even if you do serve the answers on a silver platter, people still prefer their expensive snake oil products. Because, you know, when I keep telling people my hair doesn’t actually grow fast, I must be lying, right? 


  1. I do know that some people can't grow their hair out as long as yours or it doesn't grow as nicely. So, I think it's possible some people's terminal length is much shorter than others. My good friend couldn't get her hair past her bra strap.

  2. Totally understand your frustration. You're spending a good bit of effort to help guide those who would like to have nice long hair, and get comments back that make it sound like you woke up one morning with knee length beautiful hair.
    They could spend 2 minutes on your "years of growth" YT video or 30 seconds on your hair history photo linked off the blog.
    I'm afraid it's a combination of envy and laziness. But some of us appreciate your efforts much!

  3. I totally agree... They don't really want to assume that it needs patience and care to grow hair.. They "want it now". That's why there are so many girls with hair extensions, looking bad and badly treated..

  4. I know that people see long hair and immediately have a pre-conceived notion that your hair must grow super fast. What people fail to realize is that, by using heating tools (hair dryer, flat iron, curling irons, processing hair via coloring, perming etc), they are making hair weaker thus is breaks. This is where people seem to realize that you have taken supreme efforts in managing your hair with specific routines to keep that from happening.

    But, the sad reality is, it is genetic to have nice long hair, which you have said you have it in your genes. I am lucky I do too. Some people just don't have hair that can be nicely long--it's too fine or brittle and will never get to a desired length. Sadly, those people want the 'fast route' in that you have gorgeous thick, super long hair, there has to be a secret type of mentality. :)

  5. *Nods* You all say it just like I think it