Monday, 4 February 2013

New purchases

I fell for this cute headband in H&M and a hair donut in Glitter. I do have a hair donut already but I find myself wearing it so rarely…
This one is covered in fake hair instead of being only that scratchy, spongy material they usually are made from.

I also found something I’ve been looking for for a while:
A set up small-ish hair clips that are flat and don’t dig into your scalp. These are even concave so they’re pretty “skull shaped”. I’d like to wear the double figure 8 buns more often but I don’t own a lot of suitable clips.
Some smaller elastics. I find it quite irritating that I have to twist my elastics around 5 times or more to make a simple braid. Especially when I make double braids, yikes…

The store gave out these little brochures…

(Opens as a magazine viewer)
As easy and obvious as some of these seem to me, I actually like this one. There is a simplicity to these and the styles are actually very hair friendly, including the tools used to create them.
I found it nice to see such a commercial guide that was about techniques and tools instead of heat, backcombing and products!
(Please pay no attention to the rather embarrassing mixture of Danish and English…) 


  1. Headband is so cute! I hope that H&M here will have it too.

  2. Did you find those elastics stretch after using? I did and then I broke them. But, I'm rough on things ;)