Friday, 8 February 2013

Photo thieves

I can’t exactly say that the constant image-stealing heightens my opinion of hair fetishists as being bottom feeding scumbags.
It further creep me out when their disgusting fantasy makes something out of the photo that it definitely wasn’t. “Long oily double braids”? Ick. What you see is double braids that reach about armpit length, there is no evidence of them being “long” except in the mind of the creepy freak. And “oily”? This picture was taken before I started oiling, so again, this is only in the fantasy of this thief.
I took the picture to show how my new bone stick had broken off in my updo and the tip was still embedded in the braid. It’s evident above the tips of the sticks.
And what kind of creepy loser sticks “© All rights reserved” on stolen material?
That takes a special kind of delusional, self absorbed insanity…


  1. I had my photo put on flickr and I complained to them and they had the balls to ask for the original photo!! I was like 'I can prove this is me!" because the photo I'd used on LHC I'd blurred out the name of the barn on the sweatshirt for privacy reasons! I then reported the person and directly told them to remove the content at once. They did. You should do the same. Contact the flickr and then report the image.

  2. I'm with Darkhorse. You should report them. They should NOT get away with stealing your images. Losers.

  3. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Hair fetishists are really sick. I honestly don't see what they find sexy about hair. I hope that you can sort this out. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I reported them (MUCH too troublesome a process btw. A picture sharing site should have made that a lot more accessible!) and now we can only wait =/
    And I agree. I totally don’t get the thought process behind finding hair sexy. I mean, honestly, what IS the major malfunction behind that? Especially when you factor in that self-centred delusional insanity that of COURSE all women wear their hair for your own selfish, creepy pleasure. Ick. Isn’t the whole “The world revolves around me!”-attitude something that any healthy child grows out of before reaching school-age?

  5. I'm happy that you were able to report them. :) I went through all of his photos and some of them are of children. And I found some creepy comments as well. Hopefully you're picture will be removed soon. But I wish it were possible to have all of his photos removed. I believe that most of the fetishists feel like they're owed something so they don't really care how their creepy photo stealing affects others.