Monday, 15 April 2013


There is this stylist in the edge of my social circles that has continued to give me crap for putting my hair up while wet.
Because according to her old wives tales-style logic, it makes my hair rot.
Which of course is stupid, because there is nothing for mould to feed on unless your hair is dirty. Or it is trapped for extended lengths of time under something like a tight weave.
I mean, if water made hair rot, why would we have those fantastic bog bodies?
They spent up to 10 thousand years under water and yet we can still tell how they wore their hair.
Of course all my arguments fall on deaf ears and I will most definitely end up bald!
M-hm. Whatever.
Today I saw her talking to another woman in the edge of my social circles. This one was brushing her wet hair. And the stylist said nothing.
So putting damp hair up will make it rot, but brushing wet hair is completely fine?

Stylist’s logic. 


  1. From what I've read, I would be more concerned with your hairstyles being so tight, that it pulls the hair---but the thing is, you never wear the same style for many days in a row, and while working with wet hair can snap it easier, you're obviously doing something right because your thickness is solid---the only thin sections are you very tip of your ends--which to me, says you've taken excellent care of your hair.

    I know that somewhere I read that african american hair needs to not be in tight corn rows for periods of time, but they are talking months, not days.

    I used to french braid my hair wet to keep me cool in the heat and humidity of the summer. I never had a problem with hair loss or mold, and I have a very active fungus with dandruff.

  2. The brilliance of people can be mindblowing. Surely she knows that brushing wet hair is really bad. My mother told me that when I was a kid. I find it interesting she will tell you what to do with your hair, but not the other friend. Perhaps a bit of hair envy.

  3. Rockpaperscissorlizardspock16 April 2013 at 09:17

    Oh I hear you, I was at UB yesterday (must admit I kept an eye out for you but no Igor :( ) and a girl noticed my up-do and started talking about hair and how she "couldn't" grow her hair long becasue it was too fine. I then tok my up-do down and showed her that I have the exact same hair type to which she made exclamations about how long my hair is, how healthy it looks etc etc (it's not that long tbh, just past waist and I've been sloppy so a bit dry but anyway) and that my basic advice is to stop using shampoo/blowdriers/hair straighteners/bleach in favour of CO/up-dos/carameltreaments and/or CMT's.

    I swear she thought I was insane

    She got this look on her face when I said "no shampoo" that basically said "EWWW!" (my hair was super clean at the moment as I had washed it the previous evening).

    And thats when I think about how hair health discourse is actually an ideology in Foucauldian terms, bolstering the power of hair product companies at the expense of truly healthy (especially female) hair/scalps/bodies and then I'm sad.

  4. In regards to growth--I do know some people have a shorter terminal length than others---my one friend has naturally curly hair with multiple cowlicks--so, her hair would get more 'frizzy' than long after a certain point. She prefers shorter hair on her anyhow because she has baby fine hair as well as the cowlicks, so it's easier to manage. I think some people do have slower growth--it would be about genetics--I'm very lucky my whole family suffer from the weed hair syndrome--meaning our hair grows mega fast!

    Igor--I need to take a photo of the back of my head--my hair growth pieces are nuts!! Those pieces under your hair line--I have them now in three different sections! I'd shed a lot due to stress/hormones and I guess I know where I shed it from--the new growth is about your length, but trying to pin it up? ugggh!