Friday, 11 July 2014

Exciting plans for tonight

Fat pants and my least charming shirt: Check
Freshly washed hair: Check
Hair in double braids for more surface to hair-ratio: Check
Scissor ready: Check

…Time for a serious S&D-session and a movie.


  1. You S&D in braids? that's interesting! I saw a weird video of someone actually using a candle flame to remove split ends, then cut the waxy part out. She twisted the hair to trim the splits which I found fascinating but I'm not going to be trying an open flame on my hair!

    Have fun!!

  2. Oh yes :) It makes it so much easier to keep track of where you have snipped already, it's a lot less trouble and I think I get almost the same amount of ends to pop out anyways. (Well, my splits mostly form a little while up, but still...)
    Ugh, no way. It's so dumb. It really proves that some people really, truly believe that hair IS in fact plastic. Sigh. I wonder what would happen if you asked people like that if it would work on a nail too?
    Probably this:
    Heat to seal a plastic rope? Great idea.
    Heat to seal a nail? Dumbest idea ever.
    And yet people "know how closely related hair and nails are... Argh.

  3. I am so with you. Indeed you can some distructions are more visible in braids. But at least in my case S&D in braids doesn't work so good as I expected. I just have such expression, that I constantly snip the very same hairs/ hairpieces in my braids. As these hair are a bit shorter than the rest, it's hard to secure them later on with silicone serum or oils (it's hard to find them later on in the whole bunch of hair). May be these small hair are just more vulnerable, as they present the outside layer of my hair, which is more prone to distruction ? I guess that's the reason. Any way, I use "mixed" method - sometimes I just let these small hairpieces stay as they are, withput cutting them (yet knowing they could be not in a good state), but sometimes (once in 4-5 months) I cut them to get rid of damage. I am just afraid if I cut them, they will stay shorter just "for ever" and in spite of being cut nevertheless will be a bit damaged too. So by cutting them too often, I will have neither healthy hair, nor longer hair. In my opinion, the best will be here so called "golden mean", cut from time to time, but not too often.