Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wig, part 1/2

I bought a wig some time back that I needed to return. Then I didn’t have the energy to deal with it, kinda forgot it and now it’s too late to return it.
Why did I want to return it?
"100% human hair."
[Bleep] [Bleeping] [Bleep-bleep]
So in theory, this could be some poor, misguided woman’s LoL donation.
Everything I don’t want to support rolled up in a neat little green package. 

Also, the colour was nowhere near what I thought I had ordered. On the website it looked close to my own hair colour: That “Not really brown, not really blonde, but some red tones”-colour.
The wig looks much too dark and much too red. 

Also, I kind of assumed it wouldn’t be any good when they couldn’t even make the model on the back look good with it on.

Seriously, what were they thinking? It looks lopsided and awful!
Did no one style this poor girl? Who approved the photo shoot and decided that this was the best shot, the photo that should represent the product and make people buy it? 

Anyways. Here is the wig on with no styling or preparation.
You can clearly see the edge where the hairs have been folded up in the pack.
It looks lighter brown and redder than in the pack.

It seems to have some waviness to it too. I hope that will go away after I have washed and shaped it. This is the risk of using human hair: You really don’t know what structure “hides” underneath the colour and chemical treatments.

This red shade instantly washes out what little colour I have in my face. Hmm. So much for me thinking I would look good with redder hair! 

Also... I know I have some seriously thick and coarse hair, but working with it, I’ve been just plain shocked at the difference in texture between my own hair and the wig. 

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