Monday, 14 July 2014

Wig, part 2/2

I played around with the wig last night before washing it and found it had a horribly thick and stubborn seam that left a giant cow-lick in the hairs.
No matter what I did to it, the hairs refused to lay down smoothly because of the dumb thing.

So finally I gave up, and decided to allow the hairs to go back instead of forwards with the rest of the bangs.
Of course this meant I would be stuck wearing headbands with this, but I always assumed I would do that anyway.
I left the sopping wet wig draped over the edge of the bath tub overnight with the stupid seam up in an attempt to force it into shape.

 I needed an idea of how it fit on my head, so I tried the wig on unaltered, just with the “back” hairs scraped back and the front pinned to the sides. Definitely seeing some waviness to the hairs still!

 The hairs from the back pinned into the rest of my hair. I feel like you can see the texture difference between my own coarse hair and the fine wig-hair. Touching it feels seriously weird.

After cutting it.
I wanted something along the style of a Hime-cut. I think it would have been better if the side parts had been a bit longer, but this was the untouched length of the wig.

It’s not so bad actually. The red pieces in the back could pass for highlights, but it looks silly when the entire front is “highlighted” too. Unfortunately I don’t dare to throw some real hair bleach at it. I have no idea how much the hairs have already been through when the wig was made, so they could easily just disintegrate or turn green or something awful like that.
Maybe I could honey-light it a few shades?

The wig has maintained the annoying waviness even after washing and cutting it, so maybe it needs a bit of styling product?
Not that I would like the idea of having any sort of product like that near my sensitive skin. Hmm.

Even if you don’t care about the moral issues that this could be some poor misinformed, well meaning persons LoL-donation, the fact that you don’t know what “hides” under the artificial dyes and chemical treatments should be a good argument to avoid human hair for wig parts: You could be stuck with something with a undesired texture and not daring to further colour-treat or texture treat it.

With artificial fibres you know exactly what you get and what the fibres can tolerate when it comes to heat, bleach, dye and products.

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