Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rant ahead

Seriously, why is it so hard for delivery services to provide an actual service?
I’m not picky at all: I just want them to deliver the package I order without any weird issues.

But no, that is too much to ask for.
Like today…

14:35 I go from the computer room to the kitchen to get a drink. Then think to myself “Hm, maybe I should check the mailbox since my should be right around the corner.”
There is a note from UPS in the mail. “We tried to deliver your package at 14:30”.

Okay, since I just came from the computer room which has two doors between it and the outer door, and our computer park minus my grey laptop humming in it, I can somewhat suspect I didn’t hear the doorbell if you don’t knock or press the doorbell hard (Press light = Low ring, press hard = Loud ring)
It is never our friends or visitors that have issues with the door though. Only delivery services. And they all have the same explanation, that of course did they ring or knock. 
I’ve heard that lie line before.

So I call UPS. And they are so, so, so very, very sorry. Blah blah. I’ve heard that lie line before.

I ask them if they can try to deliver it today and of course they can and he will send a message to the courier.

21:30 here and no package. Of course not. I didn’t even expect it for a second… 
Because I’ve heard that line lie before. 


  1. In Poland, UPS and other private fast delivery companies are more or less tolerable. Those biggest ones care, they even call me a few minutes before they ring the dorrbell to ask of I am home. But the national postal service... They sometimes do the same thing as your UPS guys. They don't even bother to ring if the box is big and/or heavy.

  2. Oh, we have that here too--I was in my porch once, and I watched the Canada Post guy filling out a card and he hadn't even rung my doorbell!!!! I opened the door and he looked rather bothered because it was obvious he'd left the item in his van and didn't expect me to be home! GRRRR. But, hey, get this--Canada will go down as the LAZIEST STUPIDEST country---they are actually getting RID of door to door delivery---we will ALL have UGLY postal boxes in all our provinces--packages will be delivered to homes, but our regular mail.....NO other country has done this.