Sunday, 7 September 2014

Got a good idea (If I must say so myself)

I was feeling a little unsafe with my current OCM container.
First of all, it was glass and really risky to keep around the bathroom, especially when you have slippery fingers after an OCM!
Second, even though people recommend the pump-type container a lot, it never really worked well for me.
I never liked the idea of pumping out the oil in your hands and distributing it over your face like that: You use your fingertips or a tool to massage it in, but you have the oil all over your palms and running down your arms while you work it in.

So I got an idea… I think Darkhorse can recognise this!
For those who can’t, this is a hoof oil-container (For horses). It’s fairly lightweight plastic, it screws shut and it self-stores the brush that I can use to swipe the oil over my skin.

The brushes are really stiff, but I don’t intend to “brush” with it and only “swipe” the oil on.

So far the only problem I can see is that I put the “used” brush back into the oil mix. 


  1. I love it!! Oddly enough, the brushes in the more expensive hoof oil are really nice!! I guess maybe you're paying for the brush ;)

    1. Hey that's a good idea. I guess I should shop around for a more expensive brushes. This one is rather hard. I did just get it to check if the idea worked at all :)