Saturday, 13 September 2014

There and back again

I’ve been working up a really good routine for when I’m off to seminars in Denmark: It’s 8 hours of paying attention for 3 days straight, usually with multiple meetings and project groups after each day. A pretty exhausting schedule even though it’s only once a month!

It somehow also manages to be a pretty lazy thing too: After the meetings, I’m pretty much just myself in a ”hotel room” on university grounds. I never cook, get takeout (Usually sushi), get in my pyjamas as soon as possible, and curl up with my laptop or a book and do absolutely nothing constructive until I go to bed.

Side note: I’m currently reading Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 and I have to say, this is the book of the year for me! I’m in awe at the world building work this guy did and even though the “Big, bad, undefined evil” has always been a total literary turn off for me (Steven King, take note) this book just works for me. Anyone else read this gem?

Anyways. Seminar days turned out to be pretty good for washing and deep conditioning my hair. I have my own shower available, so I can rinse my hair clean of leave in-conditioner, do a deep conditioning while reading or being on the internet, and then rinse it out again. No Hubbies complaining about how long I spend in there either, haha.
Pretty awesome.

You all sense the “but” ahead, don’t you?

Yea. I’ve been hearing about how the university is doing some work on the different buildings. And sure enough, last time I went, I had been relocated to another building. Fair enough, I didn’t mind.
Here’s the but: The bathrooms available to me now suck.
Instead of the nice, modern shower where I could take the shower head down to rinse upwards, I now have to use what mostly looks like some crappy old school gym showers. Wall mounted monstrosities with like 7 beams of water coming out, with each their individual temperature. Ugh.

(Okay, so not entirely as bad as this but still. Damn)

Of course I wasn’t prepared for that and had gone with slightly greasy hair, expecting to be able to do a hair wash there. The “new” showers proved to be plain impossible to wash in, so I ended up having to disguise my increasingly icky hair with some shine serum.

Oh well. I’m going to treat seminar days as skin days instead and do my hair at home. Next time I’ll bring some moisture masks for my face and exfoliating scrub and gloves, essence toner and lotion for my body. I already ordered some stuff from Memebox.

Too bad though; I really enjoyed my little hair spoiling routine. 


  1. Ugh!! I couldn't use those showers! I need privacy when I shower! Yikes!! That book looks familiar---the cover anyhow--I'm off to see if I've read it! :D

  2. Tell me about it >__< Even if I KNOW I'm the only one around and the door is locked and all... Yea, no thank you!

  3. It looks really creepy---too much room---and that would make you freezing cold too! Yikes!