Friday, 10 October 2014

Memebox: Sally’s box

This was a special offer in the Memestore. 39 USD plus shipping for a box with lots of masks in it.

I was impressed at how big the box was. Here compared to a normal Memebox superbox.

Fully packed, plus a little pamphlet about the products. In Korean though, so I couldn’t read it. Good thing is that all the individual products have a few lines of English on them.

Initial unpacking with the different lines grouped together.

I guess the elastics and little cream samples are bonus products?
The elastics went into my shoulder bag for emergency hair maintenance.

14 sheet masks in different fruits and vegetable-themes. (One in aloe vera of course. Ugh)

5 sheet masks in a 2-step system where you first massage in a little ampoule sacket before placing the sheet mask on your skin.

3 sheet masks in panthenol, ceramide and collagen.

The more assorted stuff (I guess): Hand mask, 3-step blackhead masks, lip mask, foot mask, hair mask, nail mask, under eye-mask.

This was a lot of stuff!

I will definitely order this one again should it show up in Memeshop!

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