Tuesday, 23 December 2014

13 years

Huh. Ticker is off a bit. Because of leap years?

Unfortunately I didn't have time to let my hair properly air dry, so it's slightly damp in the pictures.

And my camera was being a pain, so all the pictures came out fuzzy.

This one was particularly blurry, but none the less I really liked it. Wish it had been clearer. Sigh.
Really not happy with the camera... 


  1. Perfectly beautiful. Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoy the holidays and have a robust year of 2015.
    And if I am somehow transformed into a wizard, I promise to visit and transform you to floor length with 100% volume ;-)

  2. Wow, very long!
    But I wish the pictures were clearer

  3. 13 years of the cinnamon cascade.