Saturday, 13 December 2014


Last Thursday I met up with Frigga from UTT. It was a spur of the moment thing, where it crossed my mind in the middle of the seminar “Hey, doesn’t Frigga live in this city?”
So I contacted her on UTT and luckily she saw my message and we met up for dinner at Joci sushi. I had never been there before, but they have running sushi and it was very good. I think some times they get a bit lazy with running sushi, but this had a good variation on dishes. I will definitely go there again!
I found it quite funny how Frigga and I have almost exactly opposite hairtype when it comes to the thickness of individual hairs. Hers is almost ghostly fine and mine is coarse.
We had a good talk about hair products and methods and such… It’s funny to talk hair in real life though. I always find myself fumbling for the terms and names of stuff in Danish because I’m so used to only talking about hair in English!

Frigga didn’t want any pictures, so I have none.

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