Thursday, 11 December 2014

Throwback Thursday

I think I have said it before, but I quite liked this length. Well, that and a bit longer… Up until eyebrow length where it got near my eyes and needed a ton of product to be tolerable (And daily shampoo to get the gross product out again to keep the product-related breakouts down)

The length was pretty flattering on me, but so very boring in the long run.

Looking at pictures like this and having my heavy snake of a braid resting in my lap, I can barely understand my hair was once so short.


  1. I find it interesting that you have affinity for both extremes.
    If your internet fan club gets to vote, mine is for long & beautiful.

  2. In a moment will you cut your hair and grow it again? I hope you keep long always but... you have to do what yo want!