Sunday, 26 July 2015

Derma roller

I bought this one a little while ago. Mine is the 1 mm length rollers, which are targeting scar healing as opposed to the more generalized "glow/beauty" or anti-aging variants.

I've been using it exclusively on the ugly scars on my shins. I haven't seen any sure effect yet, but it also haven't made the scars worse.
I'm pretty pleased with this.

The theory behind these dermarollers/skinrollers is that they cause microscopic damage to the skin, which breaks down the scar tissue and forces the body to re-start the healing process.

It feels pretty much like you would expect when you push a bunch of micro needles into your skin: Not exactly painful, but also not very comfortable. Sort of like epilating, where you also have differences in the level of how uncomfortable it is. Like, around the bony part of the ankles hurts worse than the meaty calves.

It leaves little raised streaks and puncture-marks on the skin which feels a bit like a shallow scrape.
The only thing that made this really hurt was when I rolled first and then went to the gym and worked up a sweat. Ouch! Salty sweat in little puncture marks was not comfortable!

I would not want to use this in my face though!

The different brands also recommends using serum or essence in combination with this, but I just want to use something disinfecting before and after... You are literally punching little holes in your skin and maybe introducing dirt and dead skin cells into your pores.


  1. Im very interested in this and hope you take some sort of beginning/1 month/2 month photos to show any progress. =)

    1. I'd be happy to share them with you in private, but they won't go up on my blog. Too many rude/thoughtless people even on my little blog =/

  2. I've gotten one of those facial brush things that are electric and have different heads for them. My issue is discolored skin called melasma. (hormonally caused and induced by sun exposure). I can't use bleaching creams due to my skin issues--I'm curious to see how this works for you and would also love to see results. I still have to un package my face wash/brush thingy ;)