Monday, 27 July 2015


I’ve been referred to on a website. This is nothing new by now, but the article my post is referred to in is surprisingly good. Most of the times when people write articles about “How to grow long hair” it’s full of BS pseudo-science and a "logic" that makes me facepalm.
This one is sober, useful and actually debunks a few of the stupid myths out there.
The website does sell 5000 mcg biotin supplements, but meh, I’m okay with it actually.

Here’s a link. Give them a visit :)

This brings me to another post I found recently: Your Biotin Might Not Be Working, Unfortunately
”Some derms still recommend biotin, since it’s not harmful to take” made me cringe, but the rest is a decent read.

Which brings me to yet another link: What’s the harm in vitamin megadoses?
Fascinating (and weird) website in general!

Think I’ll add the last two links to my infamous biotin rant… 


  1. Yes there is a lot of good info in that site. Most of it is common with what folks like you and JJJ and Lucy Bishonenrancher espouse.

    Since you have the technical education and training, I rate your views highly because you draw conclusions from logic and your own experiments, not emotional prejudices.

    1. Oooh :) Lucy Bishonenrancher is seriously underrated in the longhair circuit. I know hair isn't her focus, but I love her smart, "lazy" approach to long hair and her clever replies to the crazies.
      And thank you! :)

  2. Every time I see biotin ads, all I can think of is 'you'll grow your hooves faster'. Hahaah--we use biotin supplements for horses who have slow hoof growth. Seems to help, but we use other things too ;) I don't notice any difference in their mane/hair growth though :D