Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hair inspiration: Twist detail, take two

Okay, so I gave the little twist detail another shot. I thought I could get two "twists" before braiding the rest, but I ended up giving up. Everything got messy and tangled and I couldn't see or feel what I was doing. I would definitely need some help for this style.

I ended up making a single "twist" and a semi-twisted one, before making a 4-stranded braid. 4-strands fitted with a strand for the front pieces, two for the semi-twisted one and one for the hairs left at the neck.
Messing around with the twist details made me mess up the beginning of the braid, so it wasn't as nice as the first try. The twists "dip" into the braid in a less pretty way than yesterday.

I like 4-stranded braids for their ability to "beef up" a braid, but dislike them for their strong tendency to twist.
Hubby didn't even notice the difference. Hmpf. Well, okay, it is subtle, but still...

It looked pretty nice pinned up as well.

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