Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hair inspiration: Twist detail

Okay, I have gone through my accumulated "inspiration"-folder and done some rough sorting. Some of the styles I knew I couldn't do/wouldn't work right away, but I will start from one end off with what is left.

I did the full version of this one, but it turned out really crooked and twisted. Especially at the length where I could no longer reach behind my back and flipped it over my shoulder to continue the pattern. You really need someone to do this one for you, someone who can see exactly what they're doing there behind your back!
Well, that or someone with better fine motor skills than me.

I didn't even want to take a picture of the mess.

Then I tried using step 1-3 as a detail before braiding it into a regular braid and continuing like normal.

That was more like it!
This little twisted detail fulfills my two requirements for any style:

  • It's not time-consuming or complicated and can be done by me alone.
  • It's easily distinguishable from any other style or detail.
For my first shot at this, I'm very pleased. Next time I will know better where to start this and how to keep a good amount of tension in it. I started the elastic too low, so it ended up being braided into the braid. Next time I won't make that mistake.

Also, this had a certain effect of keeping my neck cool. Funny, because it doesn't appear to remove more hair from my neck than a normal braid?

Next time I will try to do stop 1-5 before continuing braiding.


  1. I always wear braids (usually french braids) when it's hot. I shower and wash hair, french braid and the hair stays wet most of the day, keeping me cool at the barn. If it's mega humid, I will do a sort of gibson tuck with the tail and then leave the back of my neck totally hair free :)

  2. If you take enough hair, you can make the twists continue and use them as outer braid strands so it looks like the twists roll into the braid instead of sitting on top of the edges.