Thursday, 6 August 2015

Throwback Thursday

Okay, this is technically not a "Throwback" but I wasn't sure what else to classify it as.

The lady below is my mother. If I'm seeing correctly, the picture is from 1972, which makes her *Counts on fingers and mutters to self* 19 years old.

It's funny, I really cant make up my mind if I don't look like her at all or if I look like her a lot.
What do you all think?

I have the same heavy upper eyelids as her and a good head of hair, but those two things are super dominant family traits that everyone in my family has.


  1. Of course you look like her....and of course she's GORGEOUS. No wonder you have such awesome hair.....♥

  2. I always find that when we find a photo of our mother's at our current age, we look like them...but if we take a photo of our fathers and grandmothers/aunts, I think you tend to find who you take after. I see you here, but having not seen your Dad, it's hard to say. I look like my mom, but then when you see me next to my Dad, you can see we have the same facial features. VERY strong. I actually look a lot like my Dad's mother, which is also interesting to see :D