Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hair inspiration: Bun + ponytail, take II

So the first shot at the Bun + ponytail wasn't so awesome. Hubby liked it, but I didn't.
The tail was too long for me and the bun did that "cannonball" thing where it turned into an annoying unbalanced ball. I was thinking that maybe the problem was in how flat/wide the braid was: It made it difficult to get a good knot going.
So I tried with the roundest "braid" I know: The ropebraid.
And instead of making a real knot, I would pull the ponytail out between the inner and outer coils of a Nautilus.

Much better!
But like all asymmetrical styles, it was a lot cuter from one side.

Also, the tail formed a very cute little wave!
I think mostly it was from the way it "hits" my shoulders? But maybe I have more more curl than I thought?

Would I do this style again?
I thought the bun-part was cute and the tail-length was manageable. It was a whole lot more stable than the last attempt (Nautilus bun to the rescue!)

My only complaint is that the cute little wave seemed to provoke some sort of annoying cat-behavior in Hubby. He spent most of the day "attacking" my little tail and playing with it. Batting it around like a cat with yarn, stroking it and twirling his fingers in it. My weirdo :)


  1. Igor---do you have any gym hair styles? Just started back to working out and specifically, yoga--I'm finding it very hard to find a style that will accommodate my head being on the floor (ie headstands) and being on my back for other moves---I have used an english braid in the past (low) then knot it, but I still find that if I'm doing work on my back, it pushes my head up/chin down.

    I love all your updos!! :D

    1. To be honest I never found anything for yoga where I really felt that "Yes, this works!" :( The less irritating one was actually a single braid because I could reposition it as I went. Stepped on it a few times though! Hmm. Depends a little on the type of yoga: It worked fine for less energetic forms, but ashtanga was such a lose-lose no matter what I did to my hair. Buns were totally out of the question because as you said, it forces your head into positions when you're on your back or the like. I went with braids for strength training too because you can drape it over the bars or benches you're on, but that's not ideal either. Buns for cardio works though, lol.

  2. Darkhorse,
    Ever tried cinnamon buns for that? It's what I do for massage class where you are up and down repeatedly,and often supine. (Face up) a bun in the back is literally a pain.