Thursday, 3 September 2015

AOA: Short hair

I wish I could understand what they're singing!

At first I was a little offended at the hint that cutting their hair short would solve all their problems. But then I thought of how many people I've met in the longhair circuit who seems to believe that growing their hair long will solve all their problems!


  1. This is just lame...and the Japanese version of John Belushi isn't too cool either.... :-(
    And the spammer comment above needs to be flushed also. Rock on Lady Igor!

  2. This looks more like an ad for coloring hair....weird. But, hair---I know many of my friends cut their hair out of boredom. I love my hair the way it's been for years---even a woman at a tack shop felt I should 'get it cut' if I'd had the style for longer than 6 years. And I said 'really, who says?". HAHAHAH. Sorry, I love being a b@#ch to people who think that just because you've had the same style for years, means it's 'time for a change'. Um, no. When I'm ready for a change, I'll change it! And when I told her I don't have to get a trim for 3 months, the woman with her was like 'oh lord, I"m at the salon every two weeks!" Um hm. The real reason for short cuts. Hair dressers make more money ;). Jokes aside, it's sad when people think hair is going to solve their problems. I've seen quite a few LHCers have done MAJOR chops---Susanna K (sorry, I can't remember her user name!), who had hair your length Lady Igor, she's gone to shoulder length and it looks lovely!! I was shocked at first, then realized what a wonderful thing--that she felt it was time to cut, and she is growing it back. Bottom line? Hair grows back. When you are ready to cut, you will know, and if you want it long again, it will grow. :D