Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sailor Moon manga act 9

Anyone else seen the new Sailor Moon remake: Crystal?

My opinion can be summed up with this: 

I really hated it. Like, flat out no ifs and buts, hated it.

I really liked the old Sailor Moon series. It was such a classic. Usagi was scared, girly, clumsy, lazy and in so many ways the weakest link out of all the sailor senshi, but she did her best and saved the world in her own way.

I even liked the live action version (Once I got past the intense cringey feeling) because it managed to balance the seriousness and silliness.

Basically this. So much this.

The new Usagi is aloof and vacant 95% of the time and when she finally shows the "old" Usagi clumsiness it feels shoehorned in. It feels like they just wanted to a produce a show with "mature" and "elegant" girls. And it doesn't work. I miss the old crazy reaction faces and silliness. Both the original manga and anime had that and it really worked.
I have to give the reboot a single point for making Usagi+Mamoru work. In the old anime he was such a dull character until late in the series and it felt like they had to be together because they just had to be together.

In the remake, they include this scene from the manga:
It was a cute little detail.

Her hair grew like crazy overnight but the bangs stayed the same...?
Guess no one cared for George Micheal's opinion on this!

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