Saturday, 31 October 2015

New tool

I have just placed an amazon order for this:

I've been considering getting a Creaclip for a very long time, but ended up ordering this one from Etude House.
It seems to be the same system: Where a Creaclip set comes with a long, curved clip and a short, straight blue clip, this set comes with a single short, pink clip.

From looking at pictures of the two systems, I'd say the Etude House is an exact copy of the straight Creaclip.

I ended up ordering the Etude House since the Creaclip comes with a white clip I will have no use for. I just need a simple clip for trimming my (thin) ends.

There's something I wonder about though: If this system is designed to cut bangs, why can't you buy a clip that curves around your forehead? Wouldn't a straight clip be interfering with the straightness of your bang-line? A straight clip would make the sides of the bangs longer than the front, right?

Anyways. Tips on "How to train your hubby to trim your hair" would be appreciated!


  1. I'd happily volunteer to be trained, but the 7000 km distance is quite a long commute. But I'm sure you will convince him to do a wonderful job!

  2. I'm eager to hear your review on this! I've wanted to get one to trim my own bangs between appointments with my hair dresser, but I'm not sure it would work with my cow lick etc. Hmm....hubby may just be cautious of trimming as he may not want to trim too much? You said he likes your hair long---I know my dad trimmed mine for years but when my parents divorced, I lived with my mom. Mom was very reluctant to trim it the one time I asked. I was lucky to find a hair dresser closeby who understood my hesitation of hair dressers and trimming. They were excellent..until they changed and the new people cut off four inches....