Saturday, 10 October 2015

This week in hair (Or something)

Thursday the 1st
Started off the BFRB-week with not having to go into work. Awesome.

I can do work like this: On the couch, in my pajamas, with a sheet mask on.
What’s your super power?
Hair: Messy braid

Friday the 2nd
I have to go to a meeting in Denmark.

Funny cloud formation outside Malmö.
(Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud formation)

I grab a pumpkin spice latte in Copenhagen central station. Never had one before. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t really like it either. I don’t understand why these things are so amazingly popular.


Boring meeting. I go to my parents after the meeting for the weekend.
Hair: Figure 8 held with one of my new Elk&irons.

Saturday the 3rd
It’s funny: When I’m home with Hubby, I enjoy the “city life”. But as soon as I’m at my parents, I thoroughly enjoy the “country life”. I love having dirt under my nails, picking wild berries as I go and interacting with all the animals.

We go to check in on the pheasants: They’re semi-wild and getting wilder by the day. They’re set out in a safe enclosure with access to food and water, and can wander out into the forest when they feel like it. They have two white roosters protecting them as well. They’re the perfect amount of protecting and motherly, yet fiercely protecting of “their” chickens.

The roosters eyeballing me.

My parents and some of their friends have Galloway-cattle out on unused land. It’s an old race of cows (Like 400 BC-ish) that are friendly, but tough and require very little human help to function in the wild. Despite their small size, they’re getting really popular here because they can take care of themselves and are so great at keeping an area from becoming a total wilderness.

Dad and I.

So cute and fluffy!

Lots of frogs everywhere. A sign of a healthy eco system.

Tiny little baby salamander. It’s amazing how this tiny little guy has two perfect lungs, a perfect little heart, a perfect little liver, two kidneys… Everything I do too.

Hair: Braided Nautilus bun held with a soaring butterfly Flexi.

Sunday the 4th
My parents had a big anniversary party a while back and we look through all the pictures and video. To my huge disappointment, I can’t find a single good picture of me all dressed up.
For the first time in my life I had found a dress I wanted to have, not a dress I had to go buy because I had an upcoming event. And yet, no good picture of it.

We had one person who was supposed to be the dedicated photographer, but yet, even when my brother and I did our (Hilarious!) skit, she apparently couldn’t remember to take any pictures. She even announced she wanted to take lots of pictures, so my parents decided against hiring a photographer! Disappointing.
Meeting her again was actually hugely disappointing. I used to idolize her, but now she just seemed confused, dependent on others to the point of being irritating and, well, stupid. She said some things that left me completely baffled too.
Not sure if it’s one of those “You can’t go back” things, or that her mind is starting to give. Weird.
Anyways. Long story short, no good picture of me in a dress and makeup and fancy hair.

The outfit test I did months ago to see if it worked.

Dress: Hunkydory
Tights: Spanx
Shoes: Helly Hansen
Also I had some purple extensions in my hair that matched the shoes. 
I looked good!
Hair: Same braid as yesterday, now in an even messier Nautilus bun in the same Flexi.

Monday the 5th
Go from my parents to another meeting in Denmark. Then head back to Sweden.
As usual when I’ve been in Denmark, I bring home steak and beer. I just can’t find the quality of meat I want in Sweden. At least not what I am willing to pay for!

Dinner. Yum. My favourite wheat beer. Double yum!

Hair: Cinnamon bun variation with a Ron Quattro fork.

Tuesday the 6th
Another long visit to the dentist today. Poor Hubby broke off a big piece of tooth a while back and it required a lot of visits to fix. 

Poor hubby!

I’m terrified of the dentist and I think I’m more freaked out than him though.
I swear, everything is made to freak you out there.

Like, what the hell is this creepy thing? Is it supposed to be cute? Funny? Some sort of icon/logo thing? 
Creepy is what it is.
Hair: Figure 8 held with one of my new Elk&irons.

Wednesday the 7th
Hubby and I go to Öob. They have an amazing price for V05. Now I have 4 liter of it. 


I make another adjustment to Snickers cupcakes and I’m finally pleased with them.


Hair: Braided Nautilus bun held with a Ron Qauttro fork.


  1. So sorry for Hubby!! I hope his pain is gone. Dental pain sucks. Dentists aren't bad people. I think what scares people from the dentist office is having to sit still with someone so close to you/in your personal space ;)

  2. Gorgeous dress..I'm sure you looked awesome...heck you look awesome in the test pic!
    Enjoyed your blog journey very much, thanks for sharing.