Monday, 12 October 2015

Hair inspiration

This is one of those styles that just looks so nice and simple. A slightly squished cinnamon bun? Should be easy, right?
This woman even look like she has more hair than me, so if she can do it, so can I.

Yea, perhaps not so much.

To make this style hold, I think I would need to start off with a ponytail. That would give this bun a total of three anchorpoints to hold up the bun.

So I did that, formed a cinnamon bun (Took some work to keep it from beebutting) and squished it to make the megaflexi fit.
To my surprise, it actually held.
Didn't feel secure, didn't feel very stable, but it held.
The Flexi slid down a bit in one side, but that was all.

Would I do this style again?
No. Although it was an unexpected, pleasant surprise that it held up, I will not do it again.
It "just" looks like a cinnamon bun and I already have one fantastically stable and simple cinnamon bun I can do. Why do something lesser good when it looks about the same?

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