Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Today's hair

It's been so windy lately. Not particularly cold, just the wind and windchill. Brr.
So since I had some errands to run, I figured I would try to use one of my fake bangs as a forehead-warmer (lol)

Those long pieces at the sides have a tendency to curl up. I guess the whole piece could use some professional styling and trimming too. Maybe I could get the long pieces flat ironed?

Hubby was being funny so I smiled.
Arrrrrrrrrrgh I hate that stupid smile with the stupid fat cheeks I get when I smile



  1. Well my dogs are looking like furballs in anticipation of winter cold, so why not humans?
    BTW beautiful smile ♥

  2. You look like a young Nicole Kidman in the bottom photo! I knew you reminded me of someone but I couldn't place it until now. Gorgeous!