Friday, 13 November 2015

Still itchy and miserable

Ugh, so everything still sucks.
I've spend the last days just laying on the couch. I'm honestly just too depressed to do a whole lot.
I can't even really be angry of how the visit to the healthcare center. I'm just too... bleh about it.
(It wasn't even until yesterday that I realized they couldn't even be bothered to take a test to send off to a lab or anything. Apparently poking at skin does the same as a real test?)

Ever since my dermotillomania developed, I've had a simple little wish for every year: "Maybe this year will be the year where I can feel comfortable to wear shorts for summer."
I've been doing so good with not picking this year and it really got my hopes up, but now I'm father away from that simple little dream than I've ever been.


So anyways. I took some pictures of my legs.
I don't really recommend anyone to look at them though.
So yea, I don't think I need to plaster a lot of labels on this, do I?

Not safe for work?
Not safe for anything?

As bad as it looks, I guarantee it feels a lot worse.

Link: Outside of right leg.
(Some of the dark spots are from old picking-scars)
Link: Inside of my left knee.
(The left knee is a lot worse than the right)
Link: Inside right ankle.
(You can see some of those little "volcanoes" really clearly on top of that ankle-bone)
Link: Inside left leg.
(Tried to catch that weird, bumpy texture of the skin)
Link: Inside left ankle.
(Closeup trying to show the bumps, redness and craters where I've scratched)


  1. Ok --I'm not a dermatologist, but that looks very similar to a friend of mine who had bed bug bites. You said you went to Denmark for work--did you stay overnight? If so, that's quite possible as to what happened. If not, then we are back to square one.

    I've had similar bumps, though nothing to this severity and mine cleared up within a night. I would scratch until they bled/burned. I also would use a razor and shave my legs (and the first layer of skin) because the burning was better than the itching.

    Cold compresses do help, any sort of calamine lotion---can hubby find Aveeno in Sweden? anything--even oatmeal at home---it's been proven to stop itching. I don't know how effective it will be against this, but it's natural and not steroids.


  2. Just adding that I did a google image search on these and what came up was something I suspected---it's possible it's a stress rash due to anxiety. I believe that's what I had back in the day and I know a friend of mine is suffering from this--it's worse at night only because you aren't as busy. Try Aveeno or even zinc--maybe do some patch tests to see if anything relieves the itching. Hugs!!

    1. I don't think it's bed bugs. I didn't sleep over in Denmark, no. Would bed bugs start symmetrically on two extremities, spread upwards and not affect other parts of the body? Or Hubby for that matter?
      I cannot understand why it would be stress rash either. I've just had a whole, awesome month off and my new work project is going wonderful, my grandmothers crazy haven't showed itself in some months and things are good at home too.
      I've ordered some Aveeno and zinc salve and a bunch of other things to try.I hope some of it will do something. I have no desire to keep trying the salve I was prescribed by the so-called doctors...

    2. It's possible you and hubby could be both bitten, but if you aren't allergic to the bites, you won't know. My friend had this problem---her boyfriend never noticed while she was covered in bites--a rash much like yours. Stress rash is a hard one---who knows what triggers it right? Perhaps going back to work after a month off was stressful?? I also think a stress rash can be triggered by any hormonal changes. I hope the products you ordered help--I could have sent you some Aveeno for free :)

  3. I'd hope the next blog entry from you would have been a note that you got better :-/ Do you know La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5? It's a bit dear probably in Sweden, at least, everything from the pharamcy that I know of is way more expensive in Denmark and Sweden than here in Germany, but it's a miracle cure for me. Maybe do what Darkhorse suggested and patch test with a zinc lotion, maybe try cold compresses... etc. Are you allergic against oats? I've once had really terrible skin all over my body and thought I'd go mad from the itching. My doctor suggested putting oats in an old sock and hang that into a warm bath and then soak in it a while. It really helped and costs near to nothing. If you don't have a bath, you could soak the oats in a bowl and patch test with a bit of the water.

    Hugs, I hope you get better soon! I at least send you the beautiful weather we have right now here in Germany!


    1. No kidding =/ Every morning I wake up, I hope it has become better!
      I appreciate the sympathy <3
      I've taken yours and Darkhorses advice and just placed an order of a bunch of different products including the Cicaplast Baume B5. I've tried the brand but with limited success for my face. But at this point I'm willing to try anything!
      Thank you for the suggestions :)

    2. oats is what's in Aveeno. That's saved me from many an itchy night. Zinc will help heal the skin, and calamine will also help with the itching. I've also use dramamine/gravol for an antihistamine. I am allergic to all antihistamines, but gravol, while marketed as an anti nauseat, actually is an antihistamine. It's worked for mild itching and might reduce the crazy feeling you have---but do be cautious and read the label--I'm not sure what it would be called in Sweden. It's Gravol in Canada, Dramamine in the US---same product :)

  4. It looks like the same rush one of my son had some years ago. We were at the Hospital and they send us back home and said its nothing serious. A few day later he collapsed and had to stay 2 weeks in Hospital, after it he had to liegt in bed for a month and he had to go every month to a doctor for 2 years. It was Purpura Schoenlein Henoch. By the way, at that time we lived in Germany.... I hope you will feeling Vetter soon.

    1. Hoooooooly crap that scared the shit out of me O__o
      That's awful! Is your son better today? Did he recover alright?
      (And I'm so happy I don't have any other symptoms that adds up other than the looks of this thing, because wow, that disease is scary!!)

  5. Hej,
    prova Mildison om du har hemma..

    1. Mildison innehåller kortison, som jag är allergisk för

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