Sunday, 8 November 2015

Updo library

I still have some pictures left in my "Inspiration"-folder, but a lot of them are more sort of a variation-thing than an unique updo.
However, trying new things made me think I should go through the updos I do do on a more or less regular basis. Like, my workhorse-do's, not the fancy crown braids and stuff I rarely do.
I should have an updo library like that, maybe including instructions.
Maybe also making a library with more "fancy" stuff I don't do so often...
Of course there is the issue with separating the basic updo from what is more or less a variation, like does two French braids really count as a separate entry from one, or the twist detail that I grew quite fond of, or this, which is two Dutch braids into one.

Double Dutch braids Link
Double five stranded braids Link
Double French braids
Double tree stranded braids
Dutch braid
Five stranded braid
French braid Link
Knotted braids Link
Multibraid combination Link
Tree stranded braid

2nd day 'do Link
Braided Nautilus bun Link
Chinese bun Link
Cinnaknot bun Link (I have hereby officially named it that)
Crown wrap Link
Crown wrap thingie that I need a name for Link
Double braided Nautilus buns Link
Double figure 8 buns
Ellingwoman bun
Figure 8 bun Link
Nautilus bun Link
Rosebun Link
Suebian knot Link

Links grabbed more or less randomly from the newer end of my blog.
I do need newer pictures of a lot of these, I had to go over a year back for some of these!

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