Friday, 27 November 2015

Trim using the Etude House Hair Tools Bangs Cut Kit

My part of this was mostly to stand still and let Hubby do his thing.

Hubby says:
It was tricky to get it right. The length of the hair made it difficult to get it horizontal because it kind of "sways" down there, not like a solid, unmoving shelf.
The trick was to close it first, then pull it downwards until it was at the right length, then tug it slightly on the sides until it was right. Trying to close it around the intended length made you have to adjust too much and then you miss the spot.

Hubby concluded that he wasn't entirely sure this thing was actually a help for him.
He felt it was a bit in the way of the scissor. If he cut right up under the clip, the scissor collided with the clip a bit. But if you cut a bit underneath the clip, what is really the point then?

Maybe it feels different if you use it for your bangs, like it was actually intended for?

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  1. Susan Lancto (Lady Grace) talked about using a laser level. Those are quite low priced (some for 10 dollars US) and easy to find these days. Or perhaps you know some construction workers to borrow from? Projects the line but nothing for the scissors to run into.