Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hair food: Snack

Look what I found at one of the local Thai food stores!
(For the locals: The one at Södra Esplanaden)
I paid 18,90 SEK for each. 
(15,3 DKK or 2,2 USD or 2 Euro)

I originally bought them out of sheer curiosity, but they turned out to be very yummy!
They are dried squid snacks with sweet and spicy flavor (Left) and hot-spicy flavor (Right). They look pretty much like on the pack: Thin "papers" of squid with little lines cut into them.

(Totally not propped up on two packs of Pocky. No)

The taste is very spicy and sweet for both kinds and it takes a long time to eat.
Sort of like beef jerky I guess, but doesn't get caught in your teeth like jerky.
It's a excellent snack because it takes so long to eat, so you end up feeling satisfied before you're done with the pack.

(Totally not propped up on two open packs of Pocky. No)

Also, the nutrition is awesome: 100 gram is just 80 calories!
Which means that a single 24 gram pack is less than 20 calories! And that's for a snack that takes a long time to eat. Although it does contain less than 2 gram protein for a pack, I still feel this qualifies as a "Hair food".

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