Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Life is good.
Seriously, you guys, life is very good.

Yesterday I closed a project that has been taking a lot of my time the last months. It even required over a week in pyjamas, messy hair, too little sleep and barely leaving my work desk.

But now it's done and I'm very happy.

It was seriously therapeutic to put away all the books, notes and binders!
(I like using sailor moon as my reaction images because a) she's so funny and b) she has amazing hair so she's like my blog-mascot, but I always related more to sailor mercury)

Of course I have already signed up for another projekt.

(Part workaholic and part that I've found I really, really, really enjoy having a stay at home hubby! Being able to keep Mr Igor at home, free to play computer games, read and train all day makes Mr Igor very happy. And a happy Mr Igor makes Igor very happy.)

I start Monday.

I had hoped I would get a little more time to just relax, catch up on all the "nothing" I've been wanting to do and have more time to blog. But it sounds interesting, fits me practically and I know the new boss personally.

The only problem is that I have to get up pretty early and I will have an annoyingly long commute. But oh well. It's time limited but I'm not 100% sure for how long. I estimate 1-2 months. I find out Monday when I meet up with my new boss.

I'll have to get up fairly early, and since I'm not a morning person, I'm thinking I will make my "prefabricated" updos. Braid the day before, whip up in some sort of bun in the morning.
It made me think: How many easily distinguishable updos would I be able to make like that?

For the braid base: Single braid, double braid split vertically, double braid split horizontally, all of the above with a fishtailed base, all of the above with a French or Dutch base, maybe a triple braid base where I make two buns and wrap the last one around as a headband...?
Maybe high bun(s), maybe some fake bang-days?
Of course I will bun it using my all time favorite bun, the nautilus.

But would the different braid bases be enough that you could tell it's a different hair style?
How much difference would it make if I deliberately rotated my tools? (Instead of always reaching for my Ron Quattros!)

I must experiment with this.
Hair nerd science demands it!

So I've been enjoying my day off a lot. Tomorrow I plan on doing a lot of nothing too.

Today I mostly spent binge-watching Beauty Bible and Get It Beauty.

How much can you be into Korean beauty and not into K-pop and K-drama before you have to admit you're a koreaboo anyways?

Hmm. Nope.
No bingo.

Get It Beauty had a rather interesting episode on haircare. Although I disagree with some things (Didn't expect anything else), it also made me think.

In the episode, the use two different serums after washing the model's hair and it made me think maybe I should start applying some leave in conditioner as soon as I step out of the shower, before I wrap it in a towel and detangle?
For Korean skincare it's a common technique to apply your first toner or serum before you even start properly drying yourself off. Maybe it would work for hair too?
With coarse hair like mine, you want all the slip you can get to keep the damage down. Maybe I should try that?
Maybe I could use up some of the leave in conditioners that doesn't necessarily work for updo-creation. Once I start drying my hair, it will squeeze some of the leave in conditioner out again, but it would probably do it´s work and add slip to keep mechanical damage down.
Good hair care is really about maintaining habits that cause as little damage as possible.


  1. I usually add a bit of apricot kernel oil or sometimes a leave-in conditioner to my hair before putting it in a turbie twist. I find that my hair is smoother and easier to detangle if I do this. It doesn't hurt to try it out :)

  2. Congrats to you on finishing a project! Hopefully your new project won't be too difficult in regards to the early mornings. I loathe them too--except for horse shows...for some reason, they are easy to rise for those ;)

    Fact: Not many people notice variation in long hair styles unless you have a long hair person in the office. I've given up with anything fancy because my hair must be able to have a helmet fit over it --even if I'm teaching--I may need to hop on a horse, so I just go with the english braid or ponytail. I just choose fun hair accessories for ties :D

    Glad Mr Igor is doing well too!!

  3. The blog has been awesome since you returned from hiatus. If you need to take another break, that's cool too. Glad you and DH are rockin' it.