Monday, 1 February 2016

Today's hair

So, continuing my thoughts from yesterday about braid bases for updos.

First: Yesterdays hair. An english braid with the middle part braided into a minibraid.
The minibraid shorted the part up a lot and made it the same length as the side pieces. 
But I don't think it showed a lot?

Today's hair:  Yesterdays braid wrapped up in a nautilus.
Sounded good in theory, but the nautilus really ate up the mini braid detail. I could barely tell even though I knew it was there.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! I did see a great style by Haartrum. She made 2 micro braids, then braided into an english braid---it was a lovely look. I can't mimic it as I don't have nearly as much hair as the both of you (or length). But, I bet that would make for some really pretty up dos (She only showed it down). Her tutorial is on youtube. I'd love to see if it works for updos for you! :)