Saturday, 13 February 2016

Today's hair

Yesterdays braid was a five stranded with a twist beginning.
I find the twist beginning to be a good help to start off the five stranded braid: The rest of the hair is very easy to split into 2x2 and the entire braid is easy to keep separated in strands.

Today's hair: A nautilus bun.


  1. For some reason this doesn't look like a 5 strand braid---it looks like a fishtail for some reason. But I love how it looks. Also, are the ends of your hair different color to the roots or is it just how the resolution of the photo came out in the second picture? I've never seen your hair anything but an even color....

    1. To be honest I've never been entirely sure what the difference between a fishtail and a x-stranded braid is? I have a vague idea that a x-stranded braid is where you use the same number of strands all the way through, but with a fishtail you take and form new strands for every move. But I'm not sure if that's the actual definition and I guess it doesn't help that people use the terms as they see fit?
      Unfortunately I do have some colour fade in my hair. I know you cannot avoid it after 10+ years of exposure to sun and stuff, but I dislike it and it makes me rather hysterical about SPF for hair. Usually you can't tell, but for some reason it seems to show more when my hair is shinier than usual and it changes direction because of an updo. Maybe because the coarse structure somehow shows it more then?

    2. Ok--this is a different braid than I'm thinking of then. X strand I don't think I've seen except here---fishtail took me long enough to figure out, and while I love using the thin pieces and loose braiding to get that messy look, it doesn't last long and I found my hair caught in a lot of things.

      I've never seen color fade on your hair (was always wondering how you managed that! ;) ) But, it would make sense that all people with long hair will have some form of it--unless you don't go outside. I color my hair to cover gray and will cover my fade as well (ok, my hair dresser does it), but I took am on a quest for the ultimate spf coverage. I do notice that red tones are specifically noticeable regardless of your base color---ie blond or brunette, you will see it change. I find mine gets hideously brassy--but reducing the amount of red mixed into my color has helped that. I know the hair dresser explained how the red tones are drawn out via the sun, which is why blonds can get a brassy yellowing look, whereas brunettes get an orangy/coppery look. I've tried everything, from updos to SPF protected buffs, but nothing works--it just slows down the fade until the end of show season rather than the first day ;)

  2. A beautiful braid. Super way to "contain" such a large amount of hair and still show how luxurious it is.