Monday, 15 February 2016

Today's hair

I wanted to make two Nautilus (Nautili?) buns on top of each other, but I made the top braid too thick and couldn't close the top Flexi over it.
So I had to improvise and wrapped the top braid around the bottom nautilus.

I had thought that my recent trim would make "two nautilus buns" a little less of a science, but I guess just 4 cm didn't make enough of a difference?

Strangely I got a few compliments on this style.
Maybe it was the knowledge that this style was a fail, but I didn't care for it.


  1. Strangely? It's beautiful.
    Sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy the awesomeness. ♥

  2. All the styles that you use are beautiful, that's the good point for having very long hair... you can do a lot of updos! I'll try to take care of my girlfriend's hair to do that!

  3. I've found that with thick hair, just a couple of centimetres don't make much of a difference. My hair isn't as thick as yours, but not far off either and I'm between waist and hip. When I get a trim, I basically need to cut everything from hip to waist off, to notice any difference in hairstyles.
    I like the look here, but I sometimes am so disappointed that a hairstyle doesn't work the way I wanted it too, that I dislike the result, even if it's pretty.