Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Today's hair

I left the two braids from yesterday as they were and today they had "deflated" enough that I could make two nautilus buns on top of each other.

Of course now my hair was so messy that I wasn't pleased with it today either.


  1. Hi!this is so beautiful..
    I have a question to you, please don't be mad or offended. I heard your hair grows 2 cm a month which is totally amazing (at least in my world).. but you wrote yourself that you have been at knee length since 2013. Wich is also amazing (in my world).. But I just wonder how is it possible that it paused there at knee..Do you have that long hair phase or does it depends on something else?

    1. Well, I only get 1,5 cm per month and 2 cm in the summer, so it does grow slow :) I'm lucky because I have a LOT of hairs, so I can keep the taper reasonably low. It's not actually pausing at knee-ish, it's just that this is around where it gets so thin and sad-looking that it annoys me. I coul probably grow it to ankles or something, but then I would maybe have 10 hairs at the full length and how sad would that be?

    2. OK.. I get it .. you trim it off..

      I think your hair is gorgeous, but i started to think about those Indian girls with like 2,5 m long hair.. I guess it's there genetics..

    3. That IS amazing for sure :) I can only imagine those super long lengths are possible if you have a really fast growth AND a very low shedding rate... Guess you also need to have a lot of hairs to begin with?

  2. Your hair is perfect Igor!!!