Friday, 25 March 2016

Today's hair

My "new" bangs in action...

I like the result. It looks very natural as long as I have a headband on (Maybe not as wide as this one next time?)
But the headband is definitely a must since the colour doesn't match 100% and it does leave a slight bump from the bangs. Maybe if my hair was short enough to "blend" in over the clip ins...?

April 1st is coming up... I wonder if someone would fall for this?


  1. I am not a bangs fan at all...however I must admit (grudgingly) that on you the look is pretty cute. Of course I'm saying that because I'm confident you would never do it to your actual hair LOL. By posting this now you have lost any ability to fool your internet friends on April 1. I would have totally believed it... ;-)

  2. Nice bangs Igor!!! Did you have another trim on your natural hair? Greetings from Argentina!

  3. Nice!! I do recall seeing a bun hair style that allowed long hair people to use the tails of their own hair as faux bangs. It was in a magazine somewhere---but I thought of you instantly :)