Sunday, 27 March 2016

Stuhr hair protection spray

I randomly stumbled upon this in a supermarket in Denmark.
Now, I've seen a lot of products boasting of sun protection. Usually, they have none. They are of course free to claim all the sun protection they want to, since it doesn't seem to be regulated like it is for skin products. So "sun protection" in a hair products means absolutely nothing.

But what caught my attention with this one, was the super specific claim of "SPF 20". So of course I had to buy it and check.

This thing stinks like alcohol. Like, stinks, yuck.
But I could forgive it if it holds up to the claim.

Ingredient list
Alcohol denat., C12-15, alkyl benzoate, octocrylene, ethylhexyl salicylate, homosalate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, diethylhexl butamido triazone, acrylates/ethylhexylacrylamide, copolymer, cyclopentasiloxane, parfum, tocopheryl acetate, limonene, linalool.

I had a good laugh at the "parfum" in this one. It might be the first time I've ever said this, but damn, this thing needs some more!

COSDNA provides me with this analysis.

And wow, it actually looks like this might have some serious sunscreen going on?
5 ingredients out of 14 are functional sunscreens. Really not bad!!
The denatured alcohol is of course a concern, but since the product does seem to be packing some serious sun protection, I'm actually willing to overlook it.
It's actually the only ingredient that makes me concerned in the ingredient list: Nothing in red, no acne triggers and only the one irritant.

Since this is a spray meant for hair, I should be able to avoid getting too much of this on my skin anyways.

But my verdict is that I'm pleasantly surprised. This spay might just deliver what it promises!
SPF 20, maybe not. But some serious SPF, yes.
So I will buy a second one of this and keep one in my shoulder bag and one at home in my haircare stash.


  1. Let me know how it works! I do recall reading an article ages ago, about the claims for SPF in hair products. From my understanding, it would NOT work on non-color treated hair. That SPF products to prevent fading was for color treated hair only. I can say that I used a spray on conditioner (oh, to find that product again!) in my early days of teaching, and it did NOTHING to prevent my hair from getting fried whilst outdoors teaching/riding etc. However, now that my hair is color treated, I DO notice it doesn't fade/go brassy as badly. So, I am thinking there is something about non color treated hair that makes it more susceptible to damage despite these products vs having color treated hair. Perhaps the color does something to the structure of the hair shaft that can be protected by an SPF spray that doesn't work for natural hair? Would be interesting to see the difference between hair shafts of color treated vs natural. Hmmmm. I wish we could do an experiment between color treated and natural hair, but that might be tricky ;)

  2. You want to protect your hair fro sun please use those products. Those are so natural and have no bad effects: