Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Today's hair

Alright, that looked better when I imagined it... 

Got kind of... lumpy?


  1. This is a gorgeous style----but are your ends darker than your roots or is it just how the lighting is making it appear? I know ends usually fade since that's the oldest hair. Regardless, it's gorgeous!

    1. I've been noticing some oddness in the fade the last few months. Really not sure what that is about! Especially since my red seems stronger in the ends and red is supposed to be the colour that fades most from sunlight? I think maybe I'm way overdue for another of my light henna-cassia-indigo treatments, but they should be so light that it shouldn't do much to the colour. So yea, I just don't know :(

    2. I know for me, my ends get brassy (Since I'm brunette)---but I also color my hair now. (gray coverage). So, now that my hair is colored, I notice my roots can get too light since the gray growing in can make it appear lighter than the ends. Now, you don't have any gray but I wonder if some of your henna/cassia darkened your ends? And the new growth has no color? Just a thought. I think it's a GORGEOUS color!! I hope I didn't make you feel self conscious. My first thought was the lighting in your bathroom because this is the first time I've ever seen it :)

  2. I think it is very elegant. Of course you tend to judge your efforts very stringently...