Sunday, 1 May 2016

Awesome (And scary) new tool

I've been wanting a silicone mask cover for a while.
Since watching this episode of Beauty Bible actually.

(Starts at 32:32 if the embedding doesn't work 100%)

I do love my sheet masks, but it is very irritating that you're stuck laying down while wearing them. It's not always so comfortable when you try to watch TV or be on a laptop at the same time.
Testerkorea did have some stuff, but those are more "belt" types for depuffing your V-zone (The V your chin and neck forms) and not for holding a sheet mask onto your face.

Like this.

I had some problems finding one, but ended up finding them on Amazon.
However, not all of the listings will send to Europe!
I got mine here.

So I ordered two, one for using and one for backup if the first should eventually break.
It arrived with an "assorted" Amazon order.
Hubby instantly stole the book, so I had peace to play with the silicone mask.

Oh boy, this looks creepy.

Like, really creepy.

When I showed hubby, he made a squeaky noise. He then informed me it was in fact a very manly squeaky noise. Then he compared me to Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, before parking himself in front of a desktop to play Warthunder with great intensity so he didn't have to look at me any more. Hmpf.

It didn't get any less creepy-looking with a real sheet mask underneath.

It has it's issues: The fit is just odd. It's quite tight on my Caucasian face especially the nose, while still being too big at the forehead and too loose at the chin. But then again, all sheet masks have odd fits too and never seem to fit anyone's face, ever. Also, it got pretty uncomfortable behind my ears from the loops after a while

However, it serves the exact purpose I bought it for: It holds a sheet mask to my face while I sit upright.
I don't think I could use this while working though. It manages to both push and pull at the tissue and muscles around my eyes, so reading or writing a work text might be headache-inducing in the long run.
But it is absolutely perfect for using in front of the TV or just browsing the internet for fun.

I like it. This is what I wanted.
Also it might be useful for when I want hubby to leave me alone.


  1. I couldn't use that---I get claustraphobic if I get stuck in a sweatshirt! Despite the look, it seems it's doing the job it's intended for--maybe cut out around areas that aren't fitting for a more custom fit?

    1. I tried cutting it a bit, it actually has some guide lines for where to cut it to make it fit better. But I think maybe the ear-hoops are a bit too thin? If they were thicker, I think they would distribute the strain a bit more? But yea, it does its job! :)

  2. Hey Igor! I sent you a PM on FB. I may have found your clarisonic face brush---I took a photo of it---sorry the picture quality is poor ;)