Tuesday, 3 May 2016


When it comes to hair care tips, I tend to mentally separate them into three categories: "The good", "the bad" and the "Meh, I guess it can't hurt". 
The Morocco Method's lunar trimming schedule falls under the  "Meh, I guess it can't hurt" for me. Meaning that I don't really believe my hair could in any way care about when I cut it, but hey, why not?
I can't explain why it would it work, but I cannot explain why it would hurt either. 

Also, I have a "Holy f***ing shit, what the f***ing hell is wrong with you to give out such shit advice, motherf***er??!? Are you actively trying to kill people?!11!"-category, but luckily that one is very rare. Last case of that category I remember was a nutcase on a hair forum, who claimed that as long as you took your supplements "With a good attitude" you would never encounter side effects. 
Uh. Wut.
So there you have it: Anyone who ever encountered side effects from medication, interactions from medication, allergies and other problems: It's your own damn fault for having a bad attitude.
Great advice.

Anyways. The Morocco Method. 

Back when I went "Try all the things!!" to get my hair to grow faster I would S&D after days like thicken, lengthen and strengthen. 

Of course it never seemed to do anything for my hair growth, but still... Can't hurt, can it?

It felt a bit nostalgic to check the lunar chart before trimming.

Pre-trim: Dripping wet hair.
We're experimenting with how wet my hair should be to make it easiest for Hubby.

Trim. Hubby took off exactly 3 cm.
I think I would have preferred a bit more, but he was so proud of how exact he was I didn't want to complain.

After trim.
Didn't make a lot of difference, did it?

Side by side comparisons...
I'd say the only difference is in that the "post trim" was combed out a little smoother?
Oh well. Still good to get rid of some of the old ends.

As always, afterwards I put my hair in a low ponytail and snipped a tiny bit (Like, less than ½ cm) of the ends.
I think when you make a trim with loose hair, you can get a "wrong" hemline for your updos: I'd like my braids to be as long as possible with as little tassel as possible, so I should trim for that effect.


  1. I agree totally on the unlikelihood of lunar influence having a measurable effect. However I do want to give hubby a shoutout for being such a great assistant in this process.

  2. I don't believe the lunar cycle---no more than I believe a 'good attitude' would help. I just trim when my hair needs it. :)

    I think seeing any change in your hair will show more after X amount is cut---from the start then a finish when you are done trimming. Hair looks great and hubby did a great job!

  3. Maybe there's a sort of "placebo effet" that work for some people*? Strangely enough since, as you said it once, hair is as dead as diner plates.
    *I remember having trimmed my ends on a Summer solstice, and one month later it had grown 3 centimeters! Weird.

    And I think just like you, dear Ida, why not try the lunar chart thing if your ends have to be trimmed anyway? ;o)