Wednesday, 8 June 2016


This is with CC cream and cushion foundation. Ouch.
When you are so sensitive to an ingredient that you also need to check the ingredient list on your partners products.... Sigh.
It turned out that the reason the skin around my mouth has been freaking out the last week is Hubby's new shampoo (That he also uses to clean his beard) which contains aloe vera.

(Actually it's not as simple as "I'm allergic to aloe vera", because I'm allergic to the skin of aloe vera. So if the aloe vera has been peeled first as opposed to squeezed whole, I can tolerate it. Of course this is not something that is mentioned on the products. Ever. So it's trial and error for me. For instance, one of my old timey favorite product lines Secretkey's Snail Repairing line contains aloe vera and I didn't know until after I started using i. I just prefer not to gamble on my luck with aloe in products.)


  1. Quite annoying obviously...but high marks to Lady Igor for her scientific detective work. Aloe vera makes me a spasmic blast.

  2. Here I am thinking 'oh wow--how gorgeous and glowy her skin is'. hahahha.
    Hey, join me in the 'oddities of sensitive skin'. I'm sensitive to fabrics--I mean, if I touch wool, I will get itchy bumps (that means knitting/crocheting with it too), EXCEPT a hat on my head (don't ask me why). I can touch clothing and instantly tell you if it has: wool, angora, linnen, polyester or anything other than cotton--I can even tell the blend. My mom is always shocked at how I can tell the percentages of cotton to other materials. Simple put, I will start to get a rash the second I touch it--my hands aren't bad, but if I put it on my arm/wrist etc, I will immediately get those itchy red bumps. It's quite a spectacl when we shop. AND, get this--I had a wool sweater once and my mom said to wear it with a turtleneck(I was in my teens) And guess who go a horrible red rash on their neck/chin? Yup---where the turtleneck didn't cover, I feel your pain.....

    1. Wow. Okay, that IS rather strange :D Maybe it's something like the sheeps sebum you're allergic to?